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  • My name is William E. Cleary Sr. I started my newspaper career in 1966 at the age of 21. I am the former owner, publisher and editor of the Gloucester City News Inc., (GCN) a weekly newspaper. The Gloucester City News, located in Gloucester City NJ, was incorporated in 1929. Our family owned the paper from 1948 to 2005. We also owned the Camden County Record, a weekly with circulation in the City of Camden NJ. We no longer own either paper. Looking for another avenue to express our views we launched ClearysNoteBook ( on July 31, 2006. Over the past eight years we have accumulated 29,009 total posts, 21,332 total comments and 4,796,711 lifetime page views. Those numbers change daily and are updated once a year on the anniversary of this news site. You can reach us via email at

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Gloucester County GOP

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    Memories photos were taken between 1960's up until the present. If you have a photo to submit send it with a description to


  • Christmas 1999 Gloucester City
    Our first Memories album was so well received I decided to start a second one. If you have any photos you like to submit to add to any of the albums on our site send them to Please include a brief description and the approximate year the picture was taken.

Memories Album #3

  • TD Bank, Broadway and Cumberland, 08030
    One of three photo albums containing a variety of new and old photos of various sites in Gloucester City and the surrounding area along with photos of people you might know..

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    If you have an issue with anything posted here or would prefer we not use it . Please contact CNBNEWS1@GMAIL.COM . Any items that are requested to be removed by the copyright owner it will be removed immediately. No threats needed or lawsuit required. If there is a problem and you do not wish your work to be showcased then we will happily find an alternative from the many sources readily available from creators who would find it amenable to having their work presented to the subscribers of this feed.

Graffiti in Gloucester City

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    Graffiti is becoming a problem in the City of Gloucester City NJ. The 40 plus photos were taken by resident Bill Waters in August 2008. Mr. Waters is asking people to call police and report anyone who they see painting graffiti in our community. "Take a moment to get involved. Help stop this problem before it becomes too late."

February Blizzard 2010

  • The Beauty of Icicles
    February 5 and February 6 the east coast was hit with another blizzard. According to the National Weather Center the following accumulations for this area include: CAMDEN COUNTY... CHERRY HILL 27.3 150 PM 2/6 PENNSAUKEN 25.5 108 PM 2/6 WATERFORD 22.0 115 PM 2/6 CHERRY HILL 21.0 115 PM 2/6 SICKLERVILLE 20.0 400 PM 2/6 SOMERDALE 20.0 341 PM 2/6 PENNSAUKEN 19.2 115 PM 2/6 HINELLA 19.0 115 PM 2/6 BLUE ANCHOR 18.0 115 PM 2/6 ERIAL 17.0 820 AM 2/6 PINE HILL 18.0 115 PM 2/6 STRATFORD 16.0 820 AM 2/6 GLOUCESTER CITY 15.0 115 PM 2/6 GLOUCESTER COUNTY... NATIONAL PARK 28.5 445 PM 2/6 MALAGA 20.0 1247 PM 2/6 GLASSBORO 23.5 330 PM 2/6 SEWELL 18.9 1030 AM 2/6 MANTUA 20.5 230 PM 2/6 MANTUA TOWNSHIP SOUTH HARRISON 16.0 1100 AM 2/6 WEST DEPFORD TWP 15.0 1025 AM 2/6 CROSS KEYS 13.0 1100 AM 2/6 WASHINGTON TWP 13.0 1100 AM 2/6 FRANKLIN TWP 12.0 1100 AM 2/6

Rams/Lions Yearbook Memories

    The photos were taken at random from several Gloucester High School and Gloucester Catholic year books along with some photos of a few class reunions. If you have a photo (s) you like to submit send it along with a description to

Sea Pines Plantation Vacation

  • Neptune Statue Sundial
    Sea Pines Plantation, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, February and March 2012

Breakfast Club Dec. 23, 2006

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    Since the first get-together in May the Breakfast Cllub continues to grow as the word keeps spreading about the monthly get-together. Although each one is much older as far as they are concerned nobody has really changed. They still feel like the same guys who use to hang at the Pool Room, on Tuckers Corner, at Powells, Gords, The Sports Corner, The Crown Point etc..... renewing old friendships and laughing about memories of the good old days...if you are interested in attending they meet the fourth Saturday of each month at the Train Depot in Gloucester City at 10 a.m.

Breakfast Club Dec. 2007

  • Breakfast_club_december_07_050
    By Lois Lane, gossip columnist for ClearysNoteBook The Gloucester City Breakfast Club had a huge turnout for their December 29 meeting held at the Dining Car Depot, Monmouth Street at the Railroad. Some thirty-nine men were in attendance. Hank Miller won the prize for coming the longest distance.Breakfast_club_december_07_003 The former Gloucester resident, who writes the column When East Meets West for ClearysNoteBook, flew in from his home in Kitakyushu City, Japan just for the breakfast. Winning second place was former Gloucesterite Jack Bowe, who traveled from St. Louis Missouri to see his friends. Third was Bill Wibby Yeager who drove from Dover, Delaware. Fourth and Fifth Place goes to Butch Shaffer (Cape May) and Ron Raube (Mays Landing). The winners each received a second cup of coffee at no charge plus all the water they could drink. El Presidente Chas Pitzo announced that Bill Cleary has resigned as treasurer and Jack Heiser volunteered to take his place. Pitzo gave a treasury report stating there was $400 in the account. Speaking of Cleary he was the winner of the 50-50 this month. Since he was chosen to pick the stub out of the bucket some members thought he shouldn't be eligible to Breakfast_club_december_07_006 win. The executive board held an emergency meeting and ruled he could keep the prize ($19.02) as long as he picked up the tab for everyone's breakfast. Needless to say when it came time to pay the check Cleary was no where to be found. Besides those already mentioned others in attendance included: Sam Chew, Frank Grandizio, Tom and Bud Wrigley, John Lang, Joe Boulden, Bob Bevan, Frank Cipolone, Bob Sliwa, Jack Persichetti, Ron Middleton, Joe DiGiacomo, Earl Kaighn, Walt Hall, Stu Rechard, Tom Moody. Also, Gary Marcucci, John Hindsley, Joe Raube, Rick Gonzales, Jim and Harry Blymer, Mike Bowe, Joe Miller, Chalie Tourtual, Harry Walker, Tom ChooChoo Murphy, and Bob Bevan. The next meeting, Saturday, January 26 at 9 AM. To become a member you must be a male, be able to eat breakfast and enjoy laughing. Also you need to know the answer to this question……where was the Charles Street Stadium located? Just in case you need a hint it was somewhere in Gloucester City.


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Gloucester City Southport area

  • Gloucester City Public Works Department
    Work is progress at the former GAF property where Beazer Homes plans to build Meadowbrook II.

January Photo Gallery

  • Tut
    Some photos from the year 2007

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