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Gloucester City: Nicknames..... Do You Remember?

Note: This article originally appeared in May, 08. I gathered all the posts and placed the names in paragraphs. I plan to submit it to the Gloucester City News for publication. If you have any names to add now is the time to do it. Before submitting read and check to make sure you are not duplicating ones that are already posted.

Hey Bill,

A few years ago you printed an article in the GCN that listed nicknames for Gloucester boys over the years. Gloucester City by far is the only place I have been to where so many people's nicknames are used instead of their given ones. I’ll try to list as many as I can in this forum because I have seen so many posts with different names and it reminded me of that article.

Could you perhaps fill in the blanks on your page somewhere?

Here are some names that come to mind: Bill "Ozark" Underwood, Tom "Choo Choo" Murphy, "Jungle" Murphy, Owen "Dinkie" Brennan, Geo "Pinkie" Cleary, Bill "The Buck" Graves, Gary "WooWoo" Gross, Bob "Dece" Decierno, Dan "Obie" Obrien, Paul "Nipper" Nazar, Tom "Tut" Kilcourse.

Joe "Lizzard" DiFelice, Joe "The Jet" Stiles, Woodrow "Woody" Dooley, Bill "The Jolly Green Giant" Gross, Bill "Wibby" Yeager, "Corkie" McNutt, Bill "The Worm" Seddon, Charles "Ziggy" Zearfoss, Bill "The Pen" Cleary, Tower Commander, 8th Ball Willie, Wayne Weasel Riddel, Chalie The Clip Huber, Ken Chuckie Taggart, Bill Jolly Green Giant Gross.

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Tom "Dink" Danaher,  Joe "Dewey" Dewechter, Al "Bozo" Sharp, Jack "Oats" McDade, Bill "Hawker" James, Goober Wachter, Ed “Whootie” DiGiacomo, VJ "BamBam" DiGiacomo, John "Soles" Hillman, Shad Agar.

Barge Brandt, Buck Carr, Eggie Bill Avery, Cricket Tobin Fluffy, Tobin Boozer Pierce, Kevin"Quincy"Flinn, Dennis"Piney"Flinn, Raymond"Eggs"Jackson, Franny"Corky bick-ick" McNutt.

Robert ( Dude ) Riley, "HOAGIE" JOE HOPKINS , "Twinkles" Bill Hill, Epper Boddingham, Joe Buck Boddingham, Bill "Swede" Yerkes, Our leader "Big Ed",Wimpy Geitz, Laddy Buck Mottram, Charlie "Sonny" Tortual, Charley "Rabbit" Schellinger, Wheaties Hughes, Chubby Daley, Hook Powell, Stan 'Spear" Booth, Buckwheat Simmons, George "Fangs" Reider, Nipper Connors, Bob 'Skeeball" Pilkauskas, Joe "Chink" DiNato, Skimp Connors

Bandwagon Johnson, Jim "Moonie" Spencer & Moonie Ridge, Paul "Homer" Walters, Doozer Schules, Dick "Pinger" Sheldon, Tom "Satchel" Bowe, Elmer "Woo" Robinson
Tom "Turtle" Gardner ,Beans Kane and Propert Upie, Downie Johnson, Reds Hagan and Costigan , Bucky Berley & Boyle, Cushie Garland, Ralph "Jules" Saunders, Bob "Lou" McQuillan, Harry "Hawk" Reed.

Bunny Boddingham, Jerry "Weir" Sampson, Bill "Pierce" Patton,Duke Kandle,Harry "Pluto" Dunn, Jim 'Scratchhouse" McGrory, Eddie "Shook" Morris,Ebbie Thompson, Coke Zapply,Yebbers Coyle, Doggie Keebler,Whitey Porch,Bing Letzgus,Chappy Briggs, Brother Rausher,Mickey Graham, Nanny Ford,Mickie McGuire, Snake Buriey,Buster Webb, Fluff Flynn, Herky Papperman, Alfie Hargraves, Stupe Murphy, Topper Stone, Skippy Mealey.

Yogi Mealey,  Silent Smith, Obie Smith, Hank Wilson, Paul Wimpie" Blake.  Herky Berkman,Nipper Nazar, Bill "Hank" Hambleton,Moose Buttersworth,Tex Thectson,Rudy Weichman,`Leon " Best Legs " Harris, Kenny "Sauce" Jones, Kevin "The Ocean" Hagan, James "Shim" Rodgers,Desmond "Cheap Shot" Chiodi,Harry "The Big Ticket" Thomas, Eddie "Coach" Malone, Pat "Deezer" O’Connor, Jason "TEX" Kenney, Jeff "POC" Parry.

Jimmy "Dukie" Bakey,  Mickey "Hoots" Carpenter, Brandon "Fat Beats" Carpenter, Adam "Fake Jake" Carpenter, Timmy "The Legacy" Hagan, Matt "Big Smooth" Dixon, Sean "Tommy Boy" Curran, Josh "Joshica" Cassidy, Eric "Erica" Cassidy, Ricky "Lipdick" Lipich, Eric "Whale" Gray, Kenny "Gay" Gray, Zack "Lil Phill" Haas.

Wyatt "The Franchise" Haas, Tommy "Lil Gussy" Ferry or The Toe, Albie "Ballpark" Busan, Jason "JMAC" McDonnell, Christian "Beep Beep" Calzonetti, John "Honk Honk" Peirman, Mike "Blank And Bags" Blankenship, Ian "E Man" James, Matt "Ratt" James, Joel "Spike" Gillespie, Mike "Smalls" Smollack.

Timmy "Gobbles" Rusk, Brian "No Joke" Reynolds, Bobby "Riggins" Reynolds, Dave "Skellotore" McCormick, Anthony "V8" Davilla, John "The Mouth Of South Jersey" Matkowski, Kevin "No Clip" Hubbs, Pat "Bone" Cerrone, Brian "Looseleaf" Hagan, Eric "Quick Quick Little Dick" Quicksell, Bill "Lumberjack aka Dirty D" Dietrich, Dave "Gay Blade" Light Jr.

"Vincie Boy" Francescini , Lou "Satchmo" Barber, Joe "Elmer Fudd" Yonker,  Pokey Grafton, Reds Sanborn, matt' carrot top' Wilkie, Andrew' meatball ' Brandt, Tiiimmmerrrrr' the tooth 'Hagan, John ' breath-mouth ' Matkowski, Jim' knuck' O’Conner, Keith' the dude ' O’Donnell, Matt' poop' Pino, Desmond ' tits'  Chiodi, Jake' whodi 'Herenza, Scott'remi-streaker-soles Hhillman, pat 'triple fat ' Hagan, Jeff' biceps' parry, Mike' bags ' Blankenship, Pat "small bird" Hagan.

Gregg ( The Pigeon) Woodhouse, Jim ( Bimzy) Weatherly, Luke (Scotty) Bennett, John (Dirk) Davidson, Jerry (Happy ) Murphy, Bob ( Otis, Pinky ) Plews, Wayne ( Way Out) Jennsen, Frank ( Terd) Weichmann, Ray ( Crazy) Cowgil, John (Looney Tunes) Howarth, Glenn (Bucky) Thomas Jr., Glenn ( Turkey ) Thomas Sr., Brian ( Beep Beep ) Rusk, Brian ( Reds ) Williams, Terry ( Blew Eye )Moore, Dylan (Jabber Jaws ) Moore, Mike ( Buzz Kill) Busher, Dave ( The Perve) From O' Donnells.

Bomber Bennett, Skip Morelli, Joe Rat Nelson, Bones Abrams, Corky Sturmfels,
Foxy Kenney, Pants Pantelone, Turtle Carpenter, Fuzzy Kenney, Rocky Kormann
Ott Pacifico, Bob "Ish" Weichmann, James Zonk Rodgers, Knute Cogan, Rocky Gianvito, Reds Grandizio, Buddy Myers, Bud Wrigley, Butch Shaffer, Jay Wolf, Chipper Miller, Bill Cuppie Kimmey.

My name is Betsy "Murt" Murtaugh and I remember: Steve "Mute" Bauers, Jim "Monty" Bauers, Jim "Cagney" Stinsman, Denny "Dribbs" Stinsman, Brian "Opey" Bowell, "Stoop" Stinsman, Desi "Animal" Suuey, Todd "Tabby" Blaylock, Ed "Cunch" Countryman, Eddie "Knuckles" Tobin, John "Yohnny" Tobin, Charles "Bubby" "Biff" Galespie, Chaly "Golly" Blaylock, Jim "Dewey" Dewechter, Mike "Funzi" Franco, Steve "Bum" Ulak,

My name is Charles Gilespie I have been called Bubba, Bubby, and Biff. I remember, Todd Tabby Blaylock, Charles Golly Blaylock, Tim Fluke Tobin, Jim Goner Rauchutt, Wm. BillBill Billingham, Charles Chuck Billingham, Steve Mute Bowers, Sylvan Herky Bowers, Charles Chick Gillespie, and John JohnJohn Gillespie.

John "NO JACKET" Hayes, John "knucklehead" Nolan, Bill " Skeet’s" Kenney, Burger Brandt, Buzz Spencer, Brian Killer Kain, Joe Rat Nelson. Milt "Reb" Light, Billy "Reb" Light, "Empty" Lott (can't remember first name), Jack "THE RAT" Hargraves, Lou (Woo-Woo) Dunkle, Tony (Louey) McGrath, Jim "OINK" Murray