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Several readers have commented about the Spot-A-Potty sitting at Market Street and US 130 on property owned by the state of New Jersey for the past Thursday_august_7_023 several months. The unsightly commode was placed there last year to be use by construction workers repairing nearby Route 295. The work is finished but the Spot-A-Potty, (Mr.John) that sticks out like a sore thumb, remains. In the far distance is a “Welcome to Gloucester City” sign.

The state left the parcel of property in deplorable condition. Where there were once trees and grass there is nothing but bare ground and construction trash. Since it is a main entrance into Gloucester City the appearance of the property reflects on our community.

I am urging our City Officials to contact the State and have the property restored and cleaned. Some grass seed, flowers and trees is not too much to ask of Governor Corzine/Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts.  I for one am tired of Gloucester City being pushed around by county and state agencies.  I am still upset over Public Service Gas and Electric erecting those giant telephone poles along Market Street and Broadway.

Thursday afternoon (August 7) around 1 PM I rode by the boarded up house on North Broadway that is being used by the “Bottle Gang” as their outdoor tavern. There sitting on the porch and steps of the boarded up property were several men, along with a woman, who from their outward actions appeared to be drunk. Big bottles of beer were being passed around by the group. Two younger people had just stepped off the porch and staggered south along Broadway.

Once again this is a main highway in our community. I wonder what a stranger must think about Gloucester City after seeing this sight. This is happening in broad daylight. And from the “TIPS” I received has been going on for some time.

I have asked the Police Department to look into this matter, sending photos of the individuals, and have also brought it to the attention of Mayor and Council.

Hopefully by all of us (the public, city government, and city agencies) working together we can address issues such as those mentioned before they fester and grow.

I love Gloucester City and wouldn’t live anywhere else. But through the 90’s we (you and I) became complacent and allowed our community to spiral downwards. We need to join together and bring it back to what it once was. Stop sitting on the sidelines and get involved.

~Bill Cleary (

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