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'Emailgate':The Memos Gloucester City Officials Didn't Want You To See
Councilman Marchese Response To ‘Emailgate’

Mayor James' Initial Response to 'Emailgate'

June 9, 2008

To Paul (Kain)

I have read your e-mail to Nick and 17 others.   I understand some of your concerns. However, they were supposed to be addressed at finance this evening so I can't understand why some of this couldn't wait.


In regards to your comments related to your apparent dislike of Councilman Marchese and your desire to have him not present at finance or your negotiations.   


I don't think I have to remind you that the Councilman is an elected official with every right of the citizenry who elected him to call you to task and make requests of you to perform your duties as administrator. 


As to your concerns that Mr. Marchese has prior working relationships with, I have no concerns, as I believe Mr. Marchese enjoys the highest ethical standards as anyone I know. 


In closing, Mr. Marchese is still, with all my support, the chairman of the Finance Committee and he will be responsible with other committee members in the negotiation of your contract.   


They will also -hopefully, with you still on board- continue to be a part of negotiations with other unions as their contracts expire.

Any questions feel free to call me.


Gloucester City Mayor Bill James