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- Does & Bows: One Woman's Story

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It was July hot in Tuskegee, Ala. as I rolled down the gravel road toward White Oak Plantation -- dry dust boiling behind my Suburban. But this was October, and a still fledging whitetails tradition was about to continue.

It's a young tradition as far as hunting hallmarks are concerned, but one that has gained in popularity when others thought it might never get off the ground.

Yes, I was in Alabama for a deer hunt of another kind -- the 13th Annual Does & Bows Hunt.

It's the brainchild of the Robert Pitman and outdoor writer John Sloan. The Pitmans are owners and operators of the famed White Oak Plantation, and Sloan is a friend to all. This hunt is like no other, one where women are the only hunters invited and the four days of bow hunting belongs to them. Little did I know that after four days in the Alabama, it wasn't the women on the hunt that would learn the greatest lesson -- it was me.

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