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Brooklawn: Plans for Renovations to Route 130 Traffic Circle Announced

By Sara Martino

NEWS Correspondent

  A public hearing, as required by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for the upcoming project along Broadway (County Route 551), was held during this month's Brooklawn Borough Council meeting.

  The project includes pedestrian facilities and street lighting from Route 130 (Brooklawn Circle North) to Chestnut Street.

  Borough Engineer Char-les Riebel Jr. of KEI Associates presented an outline, complete with design drawings and answered questions on the plan.

  Some improvements to the "Circle" area will include a stone screening border, decorative bollards contributing to a nautical theme, a "Welcome to Brooklawn" sign and plantings. Concrete sidewalks with accented bricks and removal of vegetation, slope stabilization and natural grass plantings are in the plan, also.

  "Later on, a fountain/aerator may be installed in the circle area," Riebel said.

  Some sidewalk work leading to the produce stand has already been completed by Camden County crews.

  Mayor John Soubasis and Council members are looking forward also to the creation of a Town Center.

  Landscaping, brick pavers, benches, decorative street lights, flagpoles and a tall clock are some of the improvements.

  According to the engineer's outline, decorative bus shelters will be installed at the Town Center.

  The governing body discussed the use of advertising on the already-in-place bus shelters, and may opt to not having any advertisements on the shelters. Bus stops on Marne Road will be eliminated.

  Some trees may be removed and new shade trees would be planted.

  Councilwoman Theresa Branilla asked if some of the more attractive trees could be saved, and was told that that was possible if they did not interfere with a good tree line.

  Park benches, trash receptacles, bicycle racks and planters would be installed along the entire project limits. Street sign posts shall be round and painted black, as well as the painting of the traffic signal in black.

  Enhancement of the Chestnut Street Island is included in the project. It includes stone screening, decorative bollards, a "Welcome to Brooklawn" sign and the relocation of the existing "Legion National Champions" sign.

  Riebel said the final construction plans and specifications must be submitted to the NJ Department of Transportation (DOT) for approval.

  So far, the Borough has received $200,000 from the Camden County Freeholders, and had received federal earmarked funds in the amount of $320,000.

  Once approved, the Borough can go out to contractors for bidding.

  In other business, Council talked about painting the water tank.

  The engineer and Donna Domico, Public Works manager, suggested that since the tank has not been painted since 1984, it should receive an inspection first and then painted. The matter will be further discussed.

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