The Gloucester Catholic HS Alumni Honorees
American Hero: Spc. Jonnie L. Stiles, 38, of Highlands Ranch, Colo.,

1948:Gloucester High Beats Catholic by Score of 18-12

Note: A series of articles about the history of the Gloucester Catholic vs. Gloucester High football games was published in a booklet released in 1993 entitled "The Renewal of Friendship”.  This great history of the series was put together my members of the Gloucester High Alumni Association.

Unfortunately I don’t have the entire book. But over the next couple of weeks leading up to this year’s game on Thanksgiving Day I will post the articles and photo pages that are in my possession. Drawing on front cover of booklet by Todd Whitten

~ Bill Cleary

(The Year 1948) Gloucester City High School captured its first victory of the current season last Friday evening at the Charles St. Stadium when they took Gloucester Catholic into camp by an 18 to 12 count. 


A crowd of about 3500 looked on as the visitors broke a 12-12 deadlock with a third period touchdown.  The Catholic kickoff was returned to the Gloucester 36.  Sooy picked up one yard.  City High was penalized five yards for offside.  Harris picked up two yards.  After a pass had fallen incomplete, Weichman punted to the Catholic 40.  McQuillan gained five, Phelps three, and Gibison three for a first down on the Gloucester 49.


McQuillan was thrown for a three-yard loss by Whitmore, and after two incomplete passes, O'Neill punted to the Gloucester 33.

On the very first play, Harris broke through the center of the Catholic line, cut to the sideline, and raced 37 yards to the Catholic 20. Farrell broke up the threat by intercepting on his own 20. Gibison picked up six yards and Gloucester was penalized five, to give Catholic its second first down on its own 31. McQuillan was thrown for a three-yard loss again by Whitmore, and Catholic was penalized five yards back to the 23.

Hagan then intercepted on the Catholic 30. Sooy bulled his way for 11 yards and a first down on the 19. Harris picked up three and on the very next play Don Hammer streaked through his own left side and outraced the Catholic secondary into the end zone for the score. Hagan's kick for the extra point was wide.

Weichman' s kickoff was returned to the Catholic 42. Gibison gained five yards on a delayed line buck. McQuillan was thrown for a three-yard loss and Hagan again intercepted McQuillan' s pass and returned it to the 46. Sooy picked up two.

As the quarter ended, Gloucester was penalized 15 yards for an illegal formation. Weichman picked up 11 yards on an end around. A pass, Hagan to Sooy, was good for nine. Weichman then punted to the Catholic 15. Gibison picked up three and McQuillan four, but Phelps was stopped short of a first down on his own 24, and O'Neill punted to the Catholic 46.

Harris picked up two yards. Sooy also gained two, and after a pass fell incomplete, Weichman punted to the Catholic 17. Gibison plunged through for five. Catholic was penalized five yards for backfield in motion. McQuillan was thrown for a two-yard loss but Gloucester was detected roughing and penalized 15 yards.