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TIPS AND SNIPPETS: $10 Million Renovation Plan for Pier, 73 Homes in Foreclosure in 08030, Top 10 Company located in Bellmawr

The City of Gloucester City recently submitted a multi-page request to the Notebook_and_pen Delaware River Port Authority for $10 million to help pay for proposed renovations to the old  Coast Guard Pier. The chances of the DPRA granting the request is a long shot but as one local official said, "it is worth a try.

DPRA EYES 18.3 SPENDING HIKE: Speaking of the DPRA, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer ( the Authority will spend $281.5 million next year, about 18.3 percent more than this year, if its proposed operating budget is approved by the agency's board on Wednesday, Dec. 10th. Since a $1 toll increase was imposed in September, bridge traffic has dropped about 7 percent. So DRPA's 2009 budget anticipates $45 million more from drivers than in 2008, instead of $55 million more, as originally expected.

Here is some disturbing news, there are 151 homes for sale in the 08030 Real Estate market. Out of that number 73 are up For Sale because of Foreclosure. As for neighboring communities reveals in .......

Audubon-71 Homes For Sale,  26 Foreclosures

Bellmawr-99 Homes For Sale,  35 Foreclosures

Camden-593 Homes For Sale, 284 Foreclosures

Cinnaminson-130 Homes For Sale, 21 Foreclosures

Collingswood-98 Homes For Sale,  31 Foreclosures

Mount Ephraim-62 Homes For Sale,  17 Foreclosures

Westville-80 Homes For Sale,  44 Foreclosures.

West Deptford-137 Homes For Sale,  60 Foreclosures

Paulsboro-74 Homes For Sale,  28 Foreclosures

Pleasantville-278 Homes For Sale, 121 Foreclosures

Wildwood Crest-308 Homes For Sale, 29 Foreclosures

I hope the governing bodies in these communities, especially in Gloucester City, keep this in mind when preparing the 2009 municipal budget.  These are tough economic times,  besides the bleak housing market there were over 500,000 people last month who lost their jobs. Cutbacks in services will have to be made in order to keep taxes from increasing once again.

GLOUCESTER CITY HISTORY LESSON-Fort Nassau founded in 1623. Renamed in 1677 to Glau-Caer. Name change in 1686 to Gloucester Town.  In 1868 incorporated and named Gloucester City. The City celebrated the 100th anniversary in 1968. At the time there were 16,000 residents, and 4500 homes. Today: 11,484 residents, total housing units: 5,428, occupied: 4,995, (Owner: 3,706, Renter: 1,289) Vacant: 433. (Source: 2000 US Census).

Mark Matthews' Blog:/BELLMAWR NJ

Many know that Billion Dollar Holman is based in small town Merchantville. And University gift giver Rowan Industries is located in quaint Rancocas. But I think everyone would be surprised to know that making it into the Top 10 Private Companies of South Jersey, is one headquartered in Bellmawr. This company has 2007 sales over $300 million dollars, and 2,200 employees. I can almost guarantee that at least once a week every Bellmawr resident drives by this Company... if not every few days. Give up?

The Philadelphia Business Journal published today that Children's Choice of New Jersey paid $2.8 million dollars for a 40,000 sq ft building in the Bellmawr Industrial Park. While its exciting to see a new business move in, and an unused building find new life, the article does state they are a non-profit... so does that mean we lose property tax dollars? In the very short blurb, there is no.........

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