Marcucci's Mexican Festival dinner

Marcucci's Mexican Festival dinner

April 05, 2003

First let me explain, it is a treat to have dinner with the Marcucci's. They go to so much trouble to entertain their guests. The food is outstanding and the memories and laughs couldn't ask for a more enjoyable night.

Every once in a while I add new photos to the Memories Albums, such as this one above, taken in 2003 at a dinner party at the home of Gary and Phylis Marcucci. This evening was Mexican Festival Night, the food was out of this world.

On occasion the Marcucci's will have us over to sample some different ethnic food. It could be Italian, Irish, Polish etc. This night all the food was Mexican. And to get in the mood we will all dress in some item that pertains to the particular theme.

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Pictured from left, Claudia Sherry, Dianna Graham, Janet Bevan, Karen Zirbser, Donna Henefer, Charlete Brown, Phylis Marcucci, Connie Cleary and Babe Tourtual.